Reduce Cellulite With Foam Rolling- 3 Moves | Thrive Market

If you want to learn how to reduce the appearance of cellulite through foam rolling, this is the workout for you. In this video, Michelle Pellizon welcomes foam rolling expert and celebrity trainer Lauren Roxburgh to demonstrate three foam rolling moves to do just that. The appearance of cellulite comes from fat cells pushing through fascia, the connective tissue that sits between the skin and muscles. When fascia becomes dehydrated—which happens naturally as we age but can also be caused by lack of movement—cellulite becomes more apparent. The good news? Foam rolling, a form of myofascial release, drains the lymphatic system and helps rehydrate the fascia. It can also even out muscle tone and help make limbs look long and lean. Plus, the gentle massage you get from a foam roller helps stimulate collagen repair in the skin!

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