Katrina's morning secret to get fresh, glowing skin instantly

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Katrina kaif is one such actress, who is not much into makeup and believe natural beauty is the best. Most of the time she loves to keep her look natural.

Today in this video, I will share her morning secret to get fresh, glowing skin instantly. Also this will remove all puffiness from your face in No Time !!

Recently Katrina shared an video on instagram, in which she dunked her face in a bowl filled with ice cubes. Every morning she does 1 minute Ice facial. Ice water is great way to get rid of many skin problems and it also helpful to cut down your facial fat

To do this facial, take a clean bowl filled with cold water. Bowl should be large enough to dip your face into it

In this water add 10-12 ice cubes. ç

Now dip your face in this water for 10 seconds. Remove it for 10 seconds and gain dip it for 10 seconds. Repeat this process 3 times and you’re done

Some other secrets of beauty queen Katrina kaif are:

She drinks a lot of water. In the morning, after waking up, she drinks at least 4 glasses of water.

To get natural glowing skin, she takes food supplements derived from Acai berry and wheat grass powder.

To soothe her skin, she also uses a mineral mud masks

During the day, she never goes out of the house without putting on a moisturizing sun lock on the exposed areas of the body and face.


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